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Journalist, musicologist, world-curious.

558638_10201932617146780_704335418_nI have lived in 5 cities across the world and am passionate about different languages and cultures.

I hold a bachelor in Communications (cum laude), a master’s degree in Music (cum laude) and a diploma from the two-year School of Journalism Massimo Baldini in Rome (cum laude).

I have worked for leading news channels in Italy, such as RAI and Vatican Radio, as well as SBS radio in Sydney, where I produced my own weekly program, New voices in dialect. Some of the articles you can read in this blog were published on La Stampa, La Gazzetta del Sud, Mohd MagazineRenowned for Sound, Outtagum.

I own a Canon XA20, a RØDE VideoMic and a  Shure SM58 and video making is one of my hobbies.

Video CV: watch on Vimeo

Showreel: watch on Vimeo

Mail: alessandra.dangelo85@gmail.com

Tel: +39 349 4551 035

Skype: alessandralofi